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Meet Your Dentist

Dentistry always appealed to me because it uniquely integrates science and artistry. From providing and maintaining that beautiful smile to keeping you healthy and feeling your best, I truly enjoy using my knowledge and talents to improve my patients’ quality of life.

I am fortunate to feel the same way today as I did when I began my dental career and opened my own practice decades ago. I love my work and simply cannot imagine doing anything else. It is my greatest source of pride to not only continue serving some of my earliest patients but to also be entrusted with the honor and responsibility of treating their children and even grandchildren!

Dentistry is constantly evolving, and I believe that it is critical for dentists to continually hone their knowledge and skills by staying up to date with the latest research, newest treatment protocols, and best practices. I utilize the latest technology and instrumentation available.

I am conservative in my approach, but I offer alternative treatment options whenever possible. I am a firm believer in taking all the time necessary to communicate with my patients, answer all their questions, and make certain that they always understand their options. I strive to make my patients comfortable and relaxed while providing outstanding dental care. In addition, I never forget that my patients’ time is valuable. As such, I work hard to minimize waiting time by scheduling sufficient time for each patient. I am also responsive to off-hour inquiries to see to my patients’ emergency needs as necessary.